We do our work through several different ministries:

Inner Peace
Inner Peace is free self help pastoral counseling software for your inner peace. It is open source and free to use, copy, download, and share. You can also run it online. By handling and healing our unhealed wounds, we reclaim our ability to love deeper.

Lovers in Training
Inner Peace is more focused on what might be bothering us about ourselves. Lovers in Training helps us heal what we think is bothering us about others, by looking inside ourselves. It’s process, Healing the Me I See in You, easier to do than Inner Peace.

When should I use the Inner Peace process and when should I use Healing the Me I See in You?
If the primary feeling your feeling is about a situation is “I’m not OK,” use the Inner Peace process. If your primary feeling is “They’re not OK,” use Healing the Me I See in You.

Closeness in Love
Closeness in Love is a free ebook laying out concepts of how to be closer and deeper in love. In its appendix, it also has very thorough explanations of both the Inner Peace and Healing the Me I See in You processes.

Help to Churches
In addition to the ministries listed above, we also share some information that we have learned which can help other churches, such as church forms for a church trust and parsonage.